Anápolis - Goiás

🏡 Independently Published Zine

🗓    2023


Anápolis - Goiás is an ode to my hometown, Anápolis, in Goiás. Each page an image of the familiar neighborhoods that shaped my early years. This zine captures the essence of a place both timeless and ever-changing, using symbols and visuals deeply rooted in its culture and landscape.

The symbols, some universal and others deeply personal, serve as a bridge, connecting my past to the present. The images have been curated to reveal the myriad layers of Anápolis, each a doorway– inviting you to step in, feel the warmth of the Goiás sun, and hear the distant echoes of laughter and nostalgia. A reminder of the threads that tie our hearts to the places we come from. Through this zine, I aim to share the beauty, complexity, and magic of my home with the world. 

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