The Class

🤸🏻    Designer and Creative Content Producer

🗓.   March 2021 - Jan 2022

Graphic Designer

Developed online marketing materials for social channels, designed assets like custumer reviews for advertising campaigns, signage, posters, and internal communication pieces for the company.

Motion Designer

Animated the company's logo, added motion graphics to story assets for Instagram and facebook, created end screens + open screens for digital fitness videos, all using Adobe After Effects.

Photo Production

Helped identify relevant images, edit photos from their raw files to make them more appealing. Manipulated backgrounds, color matched them to brand colors, and helped focus images that came out blurry. I also assisted in multiple photo shoots by taking extra videos + photos, capturing the BTS, and helping with prop styling.

Video Editor

Edited around 10 pieces of advertisements for Instagram, facebook, and youtube. Over the course of the year, I edited numerous instagram reels, short Class clips for social, story content, videos for web (the Class’s landing pages), and press content.


Soulful Sessions – The Class x Alicia Keys


Creative Content Production


Creative Synergy

At The Class, a wellness startup, I partnered closely with the Creative Director, wearing a lot of creative hats. I crafted online marketing materials, including assets for ad campaigns, and signage.

Using Adobe After Effects, I animated the company logo and added motion graphics to our Instagram and Facebook stories. I also edited raw images to match our brand aesthetic and contributed to photo shoots as a photographer, prop assistant, capturing behind-the-scenes content, and more. Moreover, I edited a variety of social media and web content, including ads, Instagram reels, and short clips.