Echoes of Brazil

🇧🇷    Independently Published Book

🗓    2023


"Echoes of Brazil" is a zine that gathers a collection of collages celebrating the rich cultural heritage of my country and the complexities of memory and identity through the eyes of a Gen-Z immigrant. The collection of collages are woven from the vibrant symbols of my childhood in Brazil, including treasured foods and beloved cultural touchstones. The zine also explores political and religious themes, depicting objects and visual imagery emblematic of the social and political landscape of Brazil.

As an immigrant, I believe it is crucial to give voice to our memories and to cherish the heritage and experiences that have shaped us into who we are today. "Echoes of Brazil" is a colorful visual representation of the longing for the familiar and celebrates the resilience and strength of the past. The zine visually reflects on my own journey as an immigrant, and I hope it inspires others to reflect on their own.

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